Author Topic: Fulfill Your Personal needs with Personal Loans  (Read 1995 times)


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Fulfill Your Personal needs with Personal Loans
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:11:43 AM »
There is infinite number of loans options inUK finance market at present. So many choices for borrowers now a days.Borrowers takes loan for different purpose. To fulfill your personal needs by getting loans that is called “Personal Loan”.Need Cash Now

A Personal Loan is a loan that is lent to an individual by financial institutions such as bank, building society or other financial service provider for a specific personal reason. There are two main types of personal loan - secured loans and unsecured loans.

A secured loan is any loan where the security is needed against loan such as your property. Keep in mind that when you take a secured loan your home or the property is at risk if you fail to make payments on your mortgage or other loan secured on it.Need Cash Now

Unsecured loans are without any collateral or security and are totally depend on the character and capacity of the borrower to repay

Personal loans are issued in the market with an agreed sum of money for an agreed period of time. The interest rate charged on the loan can be a bit higher. Two type of interest can be possible fixed and variable. A personal loan with a fixed rate has the fixed interest rate set throughout the life of your loan, which means you have the reassurance of knowing your monthly payments will not go up or down. A loan with a variable rate has an interest rate that fluctuates with the market change.

There are the various option in Personal loan matching the potential of different people. The key issues you should consider while choosing which Personal loan to take out are: -

- Borrowing limits - You can generally avail a personal loan in the range of £1,000 to £75,000, it exclusively depends on how much do you need.
- Loan terms – The loan term may vary from 5 to 25 years depending on the type of loan taken

- Providers – There are so many loan providers in the market like Banks, building societies and, increasingly, supermarket chains offer personal loans at competitive rates. Avoid loans from small firms that you have never heard of - this is a lightly regulated area and some of these loans can carry high interest rates coupled with heavy redemption penalties should you decide to move your loan to a cheaper firm.

- Interest - Rate of interest depends on the duration for which the loan is taken. Generally there is, negative relationship between the rate of interest and duration for which the loan is taken.Need Cash Now

- Credit checks - Lender wants to make sure that it is not risky to give you loan and you do not have bad debts history. To do this they will check your entry on credit registers. A poor credit record won't necessarily prevent you from getting a loan, but you will probably have to pay a higher rate of interest. You can know your credit score from the credit reporting agencies.