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Understanding Hard Money Loans
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:20:15 AM »
n the current financial scene, there is such a concept as hard money loans. The credit facilities are standing by its namesake. Hard money is the amount of loan that is usually hard to outsource especially in the current credit industry situation. There are many lenders and loan providers that are operating in the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are ready to provide loans for whoever needs to secure such products. Most general and conventional lenders are very strict in setting standards to make sure their borrowers would not fail on repaying dents to them. That makes lending hard for many people. People with tarnished credit histories are also having harder times finding such loans. Need Cash Now

Coastal La Jolla Funding is here to provide the much needed loans for needy people. The company specializes in providing hard money loans. Coastal La Jolla Funding also provides California bad credit loans, bridge loans, real estate or mortgage loans, residential loans, construction loans rehab loans and personal loans. The company initially started to cover the lending market in California, but to date, the loan provider is also providing hard loans to borrowers and consumers across other states like Virginia, Oregon, Michigan, Connecticut, Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Florida and Minnesota. With those expanded branches, the company s able to reach more borrowers and consequently broaden its own market.

The company's bad credit and hard money loans may start at about $100,000 and may reach up to as much as $20 million. You can easily apply for a loan now and see how you could qualify for larger credit facilities. Coastal La Jolla Funding even takes loans to finance current home constructions. If you are building a house and suddenly runs out of funds, you can opt to take a hard money loan from the company. Coastal La Jolla Funding can commit to finance up to 75% of the request loan. In return, expect that the firm would be securing a 25% to 30% equity in the home construction, which would serve as a collateral. Repaying the loan at agreed upon terms would enable you to regain full equities to the asset.Need Cash Now

To qualify for a hard money loan of your type, you could start by filing out an application form online that may take about two minutes of your time. In a matter of hours or days, the company's contact bad credit lenders and brokers would contact you in the initial phase of the process. For loan applications outside the states covered, be ensured that the company would still be of great help. Coastal La Jolla Funding would refer you to its affiliate lenders and hard money lending contacts within your area.

The maturity terms are another factor. Usually Coastal La Jolla Funding facilitates for loans that are payable for the next six weeks to up to two years. As mentioned above, terms could be extended to 20 years depending on the terms, loan amounts and other loan provisions. The loan could be as large as $100,000 to about $20 million, depending on the collaterals and assets you may be presenting as loan securities. For personal loans, the amounts of loans could vary. You can opt to take smaller amounts or go for the larger. Of course, the company would advise you on which loan product to take considering your payment capacity to avoid future setbacks and troubles.

Coastal La Jolla Funding also serves as a mediator between you, the borrower and the prospective money lending companies that could provide you with the loans. The company is somehow taking some part of responsibilities on your requirements.

In the current lending scene, it is hard to find loan products that would convenient and reliable. That is why if you have urgent needs for loans, make sure you have contacts with reliable and fast loan providers. Entrust your requirements and needs to Coastal La Jolla Funding and see how convenient and effective it is to get a deal with a good hard money lending specialist.Need Cash Now